“Around Caorle, one of the great treasures of religious art
is the Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria in Sylvis at Sesto al Reghena.”

The abbey complex goes back to the 8th century, and houses various remains and sculptures, dating from the Roman era to Mediaeval times. Inside the abbey, you can admire a cycle of frescoes by the school of Giotto dating from the 14th century, the urn of Saint Anastasia preserved in the crypt, a 15th-century statue of the Pietà, and another of the Annunciation, dating from the 14th century. The Abbey at Sesto al Reghena was also in receipt of generous gifts from Charlemagne. For this reason, his image can be seen in a cycle of frescoes depicting knights in the small loggia to the left of the entrance.
Entrance to the abbey is free, but not permitted during Sunday services.