“It is here you will first encounter the traditions of Caorle.
Through our food we will take you on a voyage of discovery, with delights that are sure to please all your senses.”

Our restaurant is beautifully decorated in the pastel shades of summer, which, together with natural light from the sun, give it an atmosphere which is both pleasant and informal.
Our cooking is simple and wholesome, based on traditional recipes and local products. Every day, you have the choice between 4 first and 4 second courses, with a generous buffet of vegetables, fresh fish and a selection of excellent local wines. We also offer a delicious selection of international specialities. Our chef will prepare special dishes for coeliacs on request.


We are happy to make our kitchen available for all your children’s needs. You can make purées for the little ones, or order special dishes as required.
Our restaurant is also open to outside customers who want to enjoy a unique experience, with many temptations for the palate and all the pleasure of a beautiful sea view and a gentle sea breeze.
Food is also a celebration and an opportunity for socialising. For this reason, we occasionally organise little musical evenings with live concerts, providing an excellent way for you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the place. Then there is the unmissable occasion of our gala dinner with live music to celebrate the August 15th Bank Holiday.